Hope you guys are having an awesome fucking week! I’m gonna try to keep posting as many posts as I can. So lets see how this works… It’s kind of hard for me because I’m always tattooing. I wake up and go to the shop to tattoo, then I go home sleep and start the day like that all over again. I have to remind myself to actually take a day off. Can’t help it though, I love what I do.

So when I’m not tattooing, I paint. I love to paint with Daler-Rowney  FW Acrylic Artists’ Ink on Arches watercolor paper.  I bought every fucking color of FW underneath the sun to get the right ones I was looking for. I water it down, spit shade, and all that great shit. I started this painting at the Lincoln City tattoo convention that I was just recently at. The convention was dope by the way. Those of you that went, great job and those who didn’t, you missed out. Anyways, I finished the painting last night. So here it is.

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