Roseburg Strong.

The morning of October 1st, nine brave amazing people lost their lives while going to school at their local community college in Roseburg, Oregon. In the news it was described as the worst mass shooting of this country. This tragic day left all of Roseburg devastated and in confusion, including myself. Roseburg has been a place to call home for almost 6 years. It shocked me to think that something like this could happen in such a peaceful beautiful town.

On October 6th I decided to organize a fundraiser for the families of the victims of this horrific tragedy. I designed two tattoos that customers where able to choose from. The first one was of an outline of the state of Oregon with a green heart over Roseburg. The other was of script that read Roseburg Strong. The customer could either donate a minimum of $40 and a tattoo of their choice or they could just donate to contribute in anyway they could. ALL PROCEEDS WENT TO THE FAMILIES. Every single last penny.

The reaction from the community was so amazing. I started tattooing around 11 in the morning and didn’t stop till 1 the next morning. I did a total of around 58 tattoos and the community helped raise a whopping 5,000 dollars. People touched my heart with how they took time out of their day to come together and support in a very rough time. Not only people from Roseburg came to give their support but from all over Oregon. Many news channels came to spread the news to as many people as they could. Which brought much more awareness to do more donations.

I want to give a strong huge thank you to everyone who came and donated money and who is still continuing to donate.  It meant a lot that so many people wanted to give as much as I did. I am surrounded by so many positive caring human beings. I have always been and always will be proud to say that I live in Roseburg, Oregon.

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